Coming by end of early August 2021!  FOIA, File, Sue, & Settle (FS2©) Training for citizens to get out and vote and re-assert themselves in their county election process. Receive tailored and targeted training to make a difference in your county and your state

Follow on training films to include Holding Federal Officials Accountable, Training for Candidates for Political Office (what the political class won't tell you), and how to force a forensic audit in your county.

Five Counties
Completed: Prince William, Fairfax, Loudon, and Arlington. Chesterfield (in progress)
​​​​Ensuring Voter Mobilization, Registration, and Election Integrity
National Election Integrity Association (NEIA)
A Virginia Non-Profit

Please contact us on how we can help you organize, train, equip, and hold
your county and state election officials accountable.

Updated Election Integrity Scorecard Virginia Master 2021.pdf
Failing Election Integrity Scores:  Virginia, Prince William, Fairfax, Loudon, and Prince William


Focus Areas

 ​​The 9Mil Group  

The NEIA has no legal, financial, or any other obligations or respon​sibilities for, with, or by any 9Mil Group entity or any other entity, listed or not.

IRS 5013(c) status submitted

Election Integrity Scorecard & Election Hygiene Status in Virginia
State of Virginia (completed)
Election Integrity Scorecarding of States and Counties
State Election Law
County Election Oversight
Ballot Inspection
Voting Machine Inspection
Freedom of Information Acts
Holding County and State Election Officials Accountable